Honest, Reliable Auto Repair Shop in Richardson, TX

A trustworthy Richardson, TX, auto repair shop can save you time and money, and that's what we do at Ross Auto Sales & Repair. Our locally owned business speaks both English and Spanish, and we always look for the best rates for our clients. With 12 years in the community, we're experienced enough to know how to fix most major issues. We have a clean bill of customer service from the Better Business Bureau, and our mechanics are certified.

When you work with us, we'll discuss ways to improve engine life, and we'll only provide the amount of work that you need. You won't be given the hard sell, and we'll do the job as quick as we can. We can offer many services including:

  • General maintenance including oil changes
  • Tire repair and replacement
  • Engine service
  • Glass repair
  • Brake service

We're a shop that values our hard-working clients, and we'll put in a high level of dedication for you. If you need a Richardson, TX, auto repair shop that can be trusted to do the job right, give Ross Auto Sales & Repair a call. You walk away with a smile and a good warranty.